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Fonts are a little bigger now. (At least, I told them to be and they are on IE.)

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new template

I think this is the template I’ll be sticking with for a while. I’d appreciate feedback on whether it’s easy enough to rea, plays nicely with peoples’ browsers, and so on. I can tweak fonts and make other minor changes … Continue reading

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10.5 hours in the office and counting. Unfortunately Rudder did not bother to inform me we would be working late until it was too late to catch a bus home. I do not have 10.5 hours worth of work to … Continue reading

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I’ve just updated to WordPress v2.1. Two clicks, literally: one to upgrade and one to upgrade the database. I thought I’d have to reinstall the plug-ins and customizations to my theme, but nope. There they were waiting for me. Ridiculously … Continue reading

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patience and fortitude

It’s a funny thing. Patience has always been a woman’s lot in life: waiting for children to learn better, waiting for warriors to come home. Waiting for bread to bake, for clothes to dry, for plants to sprout. That makes … Continue reading

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Aside from a spot of laundry, filing, studying, and weightlifting, my plans for the day involved a pleasant stretch of reading and playing around. For the first time in a long while, I spent the morning playing with beads, and … Continue reading

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Possessed (of a new book)

Am about to begin reading The Unfolding of Language, by Guy Deutscher. Good thing it was recommended by someone whose opinion I trust, because there’s a blurb from A.S. Byatt on the back. I’m trying to remind myself that just … Continue reading

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knitting the ravelled sleave, and other things

It’s a vicious cycle. I’ve been sleeping badly, for a variety of reasons. Monday and Tuesday night there was some Carnaval noise; also on Tuesday my mother (still a little unclear on time differences) called right as I was falling … Continue reading

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…but I was way big into raisins at the time…

IAccording to Reuters, “Vice President Dick Cheney said on Wednesday the United States wants to finish its mission in Iraq and ‘return with honor.’ ” I was 7 years old in 1974 when Nixon resigned, and I am not a … Continue reading

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missing stuff

Things are very quiet at work lately – apparently school closes for Carnaval week, so lots of adults take the week off, either to spend Carnaval-ing or (since plenty seem to dislike it) to travel elsewhere with their families. Apparently … Continue reading

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