I’ve just updated to WordPress v2.1. Two clicks, literally: one to upgrade and one to upgrade the database. I thought I’d have to reinstall the plug-ins and customizations to my theme, but nope. There they were waiting for me.

Ridiculously easy. I almost feel as if my blog doesn’t need me anymore.

So if you notice some changes, it’s not the upgrade. It’ll be me playing around with the blog themes, in an attempt to feel needed. Or at least to make the site look prettier. Or maybe it’s just that tendency we inherited from the Puritans, to distrust anything that feels too easy.

In a possibly-related move, I’m considering recombining Sunday’s pale aqua earrings and pendant into one necklace with three (connected?) drops – the rest would probably just be strung with tiny silver balls. The only issue with that is that would use up my tiny silver balls, and I haven’t figured out how to resupply myself. I use them quite a bit. Bead stores here mostly seem to stick to base metals only, and I prefer working with silver.