Fortunately it seems to be mostly better now. Last week we had the warm temperatures and sunny skies that followed us home from England, and then grey moist Saturday with its breath of Spring. The daffodils were out, dancing in banners along each side of our road to work: a bed of bright yellow here, a mat paler ones like the ghosts of daffodils there, ones with red centers like a bleeding heart across the street. Sunday changed everything though: it couldn’t have been plainer that a front was coming through. At various times during the day, we had high winds, drizzle, rain in sideways sheets, hail, snow, and lightning.

The daffodils didn’t seem to have mided the morning frosts we were getting last week 9those sunny clear days began with chill mornings) but they didn’t like Sunday’s winter storms. When we drove to work yesterday morning, the results ofthe weather were plain to see among the daffodils; they were leaning over, knocked down, or tumbled about in all of the more exposed areas. Fortunately they seemed to have perked up quite a bit by the time we left work yesterday, and looked almost back to normal. (I couldn’t resist the title of this ewntry, though.)

It just hailed a bit again, but only for about two minutess. I’m supposed to row tonight; it’s still windy so we’ll see how that goes.