not much, you?

Nothing terribly exciting going on at the moment; we have our regatta next week (April 7/8) so we’re concentrating on getting ready for that. Rudder is racing both days, a double on Saturday and a single on Sunday; I’m racing only in the double. (And I only have to race 4km instead of 7.5; I’m simultaneously glad about that and annnoyed at what it says about the local view of women rowers.)

I expect to be doing a good bit of knitting this weekend; it’s nearly time to turn the heel on my sock (something I don’t like doing in the car) and I finished both sleeves on my sweater so now I need to pick the body stitches up again. I love Elizabeth Zimmerman’s trick of picking up the stitches you cast on for the sleeve underarms when you do the body; this sweater will be entirely seamless. Last weekend I overdyed the socks I knit a while back; I really ought to post pictures of those plus the fingerless gloves I finished a couple of weeks ago.

And that’s about it, and time for a meeting.

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3 Responses to not much, you?

  1. l'empress says:

    I guess you meant seamless, not sleeveless. I confuse easily. I used to love rearranging to have fewer seams; since I can’t knit any more, I love reading about someone else’s adventures.

  2. Bex says:

    Same here, used to knit, don’t any more. Arthritis moved in. I’m living (knitting-wise) vicariously through your blog.

    Good luck with the race. Sounds like a fabulous way to spend the weekend.

  3. dichroic says:

    Oops. Yes, seamless. Fixed now.

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