some knitting

I. The sweater in progress. (Carefully cropped – photos of me look OK as long as you can’t see my eyes. Bags you could pack for a 3-week vacation.) Lessons learned: 1. Never knit a sweater in cheap yarn – it’s already fuzzing and pilling a bit, though this is also partially due to 2. ever knit a parge project while wearing a jacket with velcro closures (this was my car knitting until it got too big to fit in a purse).
II. The fingerless gloves. Very cozy; this was my first time knitting with Cashmerino. I have one for skein; I might make another pair for a gift. fetching1.JPG
III. These are actually the same socks as in this photo. I finally got around to dying them – they’re a lot darker than they look in this photo, mid-gray to a charcoal color and very different than the original white and gray stripes. I just used your basic RIT dye. I’ve never used it before and I was very impressed. It didn’t stain the bowl I was using or the gloves I wore, but seemed to cleave to the yarn and hardly bled at all even on the first few rinses. The lighter bit is a swatch that I didn’t leave in the dye solution quite as long; I like being able to have that control on how intense the color is, too.kensocks.JPG

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  1. l'empress says:

    “Cheap yarn” is relative. Back in the day when my kids were small (and so was my budget), I used to buy acrylic for about a dollar an ounce. With that cheap yarn I would make sweaters for the kids. Sometimes both daughters wore them and I gave them away, only to get them back when the next kid outgrew them. I made a couple of sweaters for myself using that same kind of yarn. I undid one of them after I lost some weight and reknitted the sleeves (which were on round needles), and I still wear it, even though it is now too stained to be “formal.”

  2. Sarah HB says:

    It looks nice…hope you can stand the yarn.

  3. Bex says:

    I guess you are needing those warm comfy home-knit items since you’ve moved to a much colder climate. I love the socks especially, very toasty looking, and well done. The sweater is pretty, nice color.

  4. Alison says:

    I LOVE the sweater – what pattern is it?? IT looks amazing and it’s such a good fit!

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