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new toy

For the past week or so my exercise has been confined to miles and miles of walking and a bit of biking but yesterday I got to play with a new toy and accomplish something new. A week or two … Continue reading

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two more poems

One thing about writing, at least for me, is that it tends to engender more writing. The process of working on the book poem has been fun, to see what works each time and what parts suck. I’ve been mildly … Continue reading

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*not* a book-poem, for a change

Though part of this is about books. I’ve just finished Alma Alexander’s Gift of the Magi, the first of her Worldweavers trilogy (at least I think it’s meant to be a trilogy). I liked it a lot; the combination of … Continue reading

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and … Take Three!

This is fun. This time I forced the pantoum form (lines 2 & 4 in each verse become lines 1 & 3 in the next verse). It started with one line: the third in this poem, which contains the central … Continue reading

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poem, take two

The problem with Monday’s poem is that I really like the central conceit – but otherwise I think a lot of it sucks. Herewith, poem, Take Two (and no idea if there will be further versions): For the Northeast Regional … Continue reading

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International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day

It’s Monday morning here, so it is now

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Company’s coming!

Things may be a bit quiet in here these next few days – we have our first visitor. We’ll be meeting my uncle this afternoon at the train station, then heading off to wherever he want to visit of the … Continue reading

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too much of a good thing

Now I have a new reference for the phrase “embarassment of riches”. An American friend is visiting on business this week; she has business with our company and comes here a lot. Last time she was here, I bemoaned the … Continue reading

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There are some times you really shouldn’t laugh. But…

Reuters sez: “Va. Tech gunman had mental problems” Um, this is news??

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Jew, aerospace engineer … hero

Possibly it’s not so surprising that one of the stories from VT Tech may have had a special impact on me. Sometimes a story is so symmetrically turned that it ought to have been fiction. Those are the stories that … Continue reading

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