Now I have a new reference for the phrase “embarassment of riches”. An American friend is visiting on business this week; she has business with our company and comes here a lot. Last time she was here, I bemoaned the lack of local yarn shops, and she offered to bring some back on her next trip (she is an expert at traveling light so had room). So now I have ten skeins of Manos (this colorway, I think) and no idea what to do with it, other than that I’m not allowed to do anything but think about it until the current sweater is done. I’m thinking cardigan, so I’ll have more chance of wearing it in Taiwan – anyone know a good pattern?

It really is embarassing. Primarily, the reason is that she wouldn’t let me pay her for it. I wouldn’t have even mentioned yarn if I knew she’d pull that on me! Also, there could be an ethics question because her company is a supplier to ours; however, she says it’s a gift among friends and we will find something for her from either here or Taiwan, so I think that part’s OK. To top it off, she just broke some foot bones and is using a little scooter sort of thing to support that leg and the cast, so I hate to think of her going through the airport with any more luggage than absolutely required. Damnit. There s such a thing as people being too nice. And before anyone asks, no, I can’t use the yarn to knit her a sweater. She lives in Arizona, where there’s not a whole lot of demand for worsted-wool sweaters. (Socks, maybe.)

So to recap, Manos, ten skeins, ideas?