Things may be a bit quiet in here these next few days – we have our first visitor. We’ll be meeting my uncle this afternoon at the train station, then heading off to wherever he want to visit of the nearby cities. Definitely Brugge (Bruges), but I’m not sure where else. This is where we find out how comfortable the futon actually is and how well our apartment works for hosting company.

The only down side of this is that working out with guests around may be difficult, and we have another regatta in mid-June. The ergs normally live in the 2nd bedroom, and we usually work out before work on weekdays. On the other hand, we’ll definitely get in plenty of walking and maybe some cycling. In fact, Rudder’s due to row tonight, so depending what my uncle feels like doing he and I may ride along the canal.

I’m looking forward to seeing Brugge, because it’s supposed to be absolutely beautiful, a medieval city that hasn’t changed much. (In Bill Bryson’s words, this is because it became a literal backwater: its harbor silted up and it wasn’t a busy port any more.) Rudder’s more interested in Brussels, but everything I read talks about how wonderful the Grand’Place there is and then can’t seem to come up with much else. He wants to see the UN buildings but I suspect they’re not too exciting to just look at. There is a palace, though, and a good art museum. Another possiblity is Antwerp, which is only about an hour and a half from us. And also the other nearby cities. like Uthrecht and Maastricht and den Bos.We’ve been to all of those, but not thoroughly enough to mind seeing them again. This should be fun. (At least, I certainly hope it will be, since we have two more sets of visitors following soon!!)