The baby blanket is going very fast – with what you see here pls a couple of squares I haven’t joined on yet, I’m more than a tenth done. Of the patterns I posted below, I decided to do IV. It’s one of my favorites, but it also has a couple of useful features; the pattern is easy to remember without taking a diagram along with me, and if I decide six rows in that it’s big enough, I can stop without screwing up the pattern (not true for V or VI). I’m planning for it to be 9 squares wide by nine high, as shown in my diagram. However, I didn’t realize that the yarn has such frequent and long floats of other colors. Every block has a substantial section of some other color in it, so I don’t think the pattern will be all that visible. Also the sections of other colors don’t quite match: the blue and pink have darker colors while the yellow and orange have pastels. I did realize that when I bought the yarn, but there wasn’t much choice if I wanted four different colors, and as I said I thought the other colors were in much smaller sections. Still, I think it will just come out looking random, which ought to be fine. At least I hope so: I hate the idea of working to make and then giving away something I don’t like myself. I do hope I like it!