Mom’s gone, She-Hulk and her friend are here. We hadn’t met the friend before, but she seems to be very laid-back, low-maintenance and easy to get along with. They were jet-lagged, so we had a quiet day yesterday, though we did get She-hUlk on a bike and drag her out to see our canal and boathouse. (And for lagniappe, the gorgeous university boathouse further down the canal.)

I don’t generally think there’s much call for Dutch to English translation here, since most people speak such good English. However, I am considering offering my services to the local restaurant whose English menu listed a kroket (croquet, filled with meat paste, fried and breaded) as a “meat faggot”. That one kept us entertained all day yesterday. There’s definitely such a thing as relying too much on your dictionary.

Today I’m back at work, though I need to start looking up the route to our Paris hotel for this weekend. We’re taking off Friday and Monday is a holiday, so I will not have worked a full week from mid-April through the end of May. June would come as a rude shock, except that I’ll be traveling (business and then family visits) for the entire second half of the month.

One thing that makes Mondays easier is wearing comfortable clothing. I always enjoy outfits that are just costume-y enough to make me feel like I’m dressed up, but not so much as to look odd in the office. Today I am pretending to be a dancer (modern dance, I suppose) with a vaguely-Indian-print skirt over cropped tights and flat shoes that look exactly like what I wore to ballet class as a little girl except that the soles are thin rubber instead of suede, with a black long-sleeved pullover with a neck that’s scooped and gathered. I don’t suppose it looks like a dancer’s outfit to anyone else but it makes me feel like one – or like the f’ing Queen of the May.