The blanket continues to grow apace; the first and second rows are done and I’m halfway through the third. I don’t think this blanket will be square after all; it’s longer than I expected, so if I make it as wide as it is long, it will be enormous and more importantly, will take forever to knit. It’s as long as my rectangular coffee table; I think anything as wide or wider than the table will be a serviceable size. I think the appropriate strategy is to keep going, row by row until I’m sick of it / my deadline comes up / I run out of yarn, whichever happens first.

I didn’t get to knit on it this morning, however. This morning for the very first time I rode my bike to work, 10 km. (I confess to whistling a bit from “We Are the Champions” as I approached the building.) I’ve only ridder home before. I have to row this evening (substituting in the company crew). Rudder said he could leave in time to get me there, but I decided it was easier to ride than to nag him to leave on time, have him finally ready to leave late enough to have be worried about getting there on time, drive on the road to the boathouse that’s barely wide enough for a car, unload the folding bike (so I can get home), and change the seat height because it’s currently set for him (it’s hard to change, though no tools are needed). So I will have to ride to the boathouse (maybe 12 km) and then row another 10-12 km but I don’t think it will be a problem. At the moment it’s warm but with a nice breeze, with a little high fog keeping it from getting too bright; with luck it will stay that way.

With all the company, I’d been getting little exercise (except for walking miles and miles being a tourist, which does count). But I have a race in mid-June, so I need to get back into it. I erged 10 km Saturday, biked about the same distance with Rudder and She-Hulk Sunday, did 12 floors’ worth of stairs yesterday (every little bit helps). Today I’ll end up with about 20-22 km on the bike and 10-12 in the boat. Tomorrow Rudder’s coxing my quad; since we’re both in the boat we’ll probably drive there, but of course I’ll have the rowing itself.

The visitors are off to Belgium, so we have the flat to ourselves until Thursday night. However, since I’m rowing tonight and tomorrow and Rudder seems to have come down with a cold we won’t be doing much about it. Anyway, these two aren’t particularly intrusive; so far they’ve been jet-lagged anyway, but when they’re with us either we’re all laughing or we’re quiet together, and they’ve been going to sleep when we do and not keeping me up. Very comfortable company.