First, an update pic of the blanket. I spent this morning’s commute weaving in some of those many loose ends.


Pretty quick, considering I only started it last Thursday. For reference, you can just see the edges of one of those interlocking foam mats it’s sitting on; each square is about 24″ wide.

There was a lot of confusion about rowing yesterday; first they needed me to row, then enough other people dropped out that they canceled the four but still needed me for the eight, then another sub said if I didn’t mind he’d really like to row. After all that confusion I figured I’d better go just in case (and at least get in some extra cycling if I didn’t row). Good thing I did. I got there right at 6 because of the other cyclists I was expecting to ride with one was a bit late and one never showed up (he said later that he got caught in a work emergency and got there just in time to see us ride off). We waited a litle bit but the sub who had said he’d like to row still wasn’t ther so I got suited up. When I got back out to the boat, he’d just gotten there but hadn’t changed (I’m not even sure if he had gear to change into) and elected to have me row after all. Sigh. It’s a really nice bunch of people, but they are really not very good rowers. Timing’s terrible, form’s bad, set is off. They only row one day a week and many have learned fairly recently, so it’s not surprising, but I also think a lot of them are just in it for fun and aren’t really committed to getting better. Which is fine, I guess, as long as that’s generally understood, and I think it is. It’s just not that much fun for me to row with them. I’m spoiled, though; not only are my usual rowing partners a lot better anyway, but normally I scull. Sculling boats, where each person has two oars, are better set by nature than sweep boats, where each person has only one oar so that balancing the boat is much more of an act of cooperation. I don’t know how some people who scull a lot can stand to also sweep regularly, unless they’re in very good boats.

So yesterday I got in something like 23 km on my bike and 8 km in the boat. I expected to be sore today, but I’m not much at all. A pleasant surprise. Today I didn’t ride to work; Rudder’s not coxing as planned because of his cold, but he’ll give me a ride home or to the boathouse (depending on time) and then I’ll cycle home afterward. This will probably be a much harder row, though more pleasant, since it’s a real racing boat. We’re not a great boat; we’ve all got form issues and we don’t get to row together nearly often enough, but it’s a pretty good boat. People are committed to their rowing, and that makes them good to row with.