Our last guests leave tomorrow, and I *promise* that I will finally work on writeups of the Brugge, London and Paris trips, with pictures. The most notable thing about the Paris trip was wa seemed like a quite inordinate amount of time spent standing in line in the rain. However, now I have been up the Eiffel Tower, and I do not ever have to go back – at least, not without pleasanter weather and a damned good reason. The Tour Eiffel was not the only culprit for line standing, just the worst. At least that one was long – one would not expect that to be a good feature for a line, but at least it’s self-explanatory. The line at the food stall there (where two of us got food while the other two held our places in the main line) and the next day at the Sainte Chappelle were not long at all, making the amount of time we spent standing there totally unexplainable.

In general I’d say Londoners are better at queues (they usually have a roof over you, for one thing) and at arranging tour buses, while Parisians are better at arranging the Metro and at food. (No surprise there.)

I’ve gotten four rows (that is, two each blue-and-pink and orange-and-yellow done on my blanket; it looks like it’s about a third as wide as it needs to be. If my math is right I need to average 3 squares a day to finish it in time to give it to my friend during our US trip. I’m not sure if I can manage that, but if not there’s always the mails.

Also, I say again: our last guests leave tomorrow. Yay! We’ve enjoyed having them all, but it is tiring to try to be welcoming and hostly all the time. Now we have nearly three weeks to enjoy being at home alone together before I head off to the US (to work for a few days and then fly across the country to meet Rudder). And then someone else can be hostly.