I am still not having a good day. After the incident with not getting the drivers’ license, I didn’t manage to do anything much productive. The fever rose to about 100 last night, not enough to worry about but enough to make me feel crappy, and unable to read anything moderately complex. Something I wrote elsewhere online got a patronizing response from the person who always answers patronizingly. (Other people responded more usefully.) This morning I awoke without a fever but all in a muck sweat, as if the fever had just broken, and I kept feeling hot and uncomfortable – sweaty hot, not feverish hot – while getting ready for work.

I couldn’t skip work, because I had an important meeting and a call that was even more important personally, about my job in Taiwan. The meeting was painful but productive, I suppose. (Meeting with my company’s top people, I always get the feeling they know a lot more than I do. That’s humbling, but also reassuring. I rarely get that feeling from watching politicians, which has the opposite effects on me.) The call was disappointing – they have something for me there, just not an ideal something. I have sent emails and will hope for the best.

So far this cold or whatever is mostly about low fever on and off and sinus pressure. It’s following the pattern of Rudder’s which means it’s likely to go away fairly quickly, at least. And at least it’s well timed – after all the Europe traveling, before I have to get up in front of a big audience next week or travel to the US in 2.5 weeks.

I’m not happy, just at the moment. I have no reason at all not to be – I wrote that long list yesterday to persuade myself otherwise – but there it is. I think I’m just feeling a bit overwhelmed, and nervous about the next few weeks (large presentations, race, travel to the US, driving out of Kennedy airport, more presentations). And there’s my cold, and you know, just random passing clouds. However, the race is in a quad so at least it will be quick, and I have family and friend visits to look forward to after the work part of my trip, and I can shop for American goods while there. Also, once this blanket is done (and I’ve done only one square yesterday and nothing today) there will be no knitting to deadline for a while, I’ve promised myself.