I spent some time looking for shoes last weekend, both here and at the online places I trust enough to order shoes from – brown, flat or low-heeled, more bohemian than ladylike, suitable to wear with floaty skirts or capris. I finally figured out why I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted – it’s because what I want is the shoes Susan had in Freedom and Necessity – tooled leather, exactly the color of burnt sugar. (And at the price Susan paid for them in 1860 or whenever would be nice, too.) Apparently Emma Bull does clothes well; another outfit I wish I owned is what Eddi wears to the faerie ball in War for the Oaks – close-tailored velvet top that zips under the arm, full tulle skirt with extravagant layering and spangles.

Is it just me, or do others of you lust after fictional clothing as well?