In a meeting earlier today with one other (male, fairly senior) person, I’d swear he spent half the time looking down at my shirt. (I’m wearing a button-down whose buttons lower than usual, making a moderately deep neckline. No actual cleavage shows, largely because I don’t have any anyway.) I solved that in pure Dichroic fashion: I offered to write a white paper proposing a change related to something he’s very eager to have happen. In general, I don’t much care who looks at what, as long as they respect my brains too.

I’ve done some of my packing for the US, and it’s looking promisingly small. So far for two weeks including 2-3 days of work and the rest vacation, I have one pair of good slacks, a button-down white shirt, a light twin set, two pair shorts, a denim skirt, a colorful floaty skirt, a black tank dress, a sleeveless red velour dress (for Rudder’s grandparents 60th anniversary and another party) and a few t-shirts. There’s a light cardigan in my carry-on. I still need to pack more shirts, underwear, socks, shoes, toilet kit, books and my knitting. I’m trying to persuade myself to leave out one of the skirts or the tank dress, but I probably won’t unless the suitcase is fuller than I’d like. I might switch the denim skirt for capris. I will need at least 3 pair of shoes: loafers for work, black sandals for the nice dress, my Keen sandals for daily wear. I’m trying to convince myself not to take another pair but it will depend on space. I can’t take less; I don’t want to wear sandals for work and since there may be lots of walking, I don’t want to condemn myself to a work day in high heels, which is the only option that would work for both work and dress. I might also take a small umbrella.

So far, other than the 5 books I’ve already ordered, the shopping list consists of a pair of jeans, possibly another white shirt, and a bottle of Nyquil. There may be a few other things (like beads) but they won’t take much space. Usually our strategy is to throw in whatever fits and be prepared, unless we’re doing something like backpacking where we need to pack light. Since my suitcase maneuvers nicely on wheels, there’s not normally any reason to leave thigns out except to meet space or airline weight constraints, so this is a different approach for me.