Currently the major dilemmas in my life are all minor – well, there’s a big job decision, but I think either option would be OK.

Harry Potter – to be spoiled or not? I’ve read several of the spoilers out there. They contradict each other, and I think I’m best off just to wait and see. However, will power is not my strong suit and I wouldn’t be surprised if I get tempted into spoiler-hunting again, just because if I can’t read the last book at least I can read about it, or guesses at it, or alleged versions of it. I’d enjoy the last book more if I hadn’t already seen too much of it, though, if these spoilers do turn out to be real, so I ought to try to hold out. I will definitely peek ahead to find out if Harry dies, though. That would be upsetting enough that I’d rather it not come as a shock.

Shoes – I am jonesing for a pair of these, hard enough to have actually done some research. However, I can’t find a retailer that both carries them and ships to Europe. I’m not entirely safe from temptation – REI carries a style that’s nearly the same, except it has a closed heel. I don’t like the colors as much, though. What I really want, what set me to looking at these, is something to show off my socks, when they’re completed, which seems like a slightly silly reason to buy an expensive pair of shoes. (Maybe what I need are those Mary-jane-styled Crocs – still gratuitous but at least they’re cheap.)

Knitting – speaking of socks, the good news is that I’ve found a knitting group in town! Two, according to the Stitch’n’Bitch Nederland website, but I suspect one may not have really gotten off the ground. The other one is also fairly new – I had of course checked this website long ago – but seems to be a going concern. And they meet this Wednesday, which is perfect for giving me something to go while Rudder is out of town and I’m waiting for Saturday to roll around. Now the challenge is deciding what to bring to work on, socks or a lace shawl. Both, probably. The shawl may be too demanding to knit while I’m in conversation; it’s not really much more complicated than the lace pattern on the socks, but the lace-weight yarn on slippery needles takes more concentration.

This is actually being a problem for me in general right now: I want to knit on the shawl, because I started it way back in Arizona fergoshsakes and I’ve been neglecting it far too long. I am not comfortable having three, count’em three unfinished projects sitting around for months (the other two are my navy sweater – it got to big to carry on my commute and also a bit too hot) and the Trellis and Vine wrap that demanded too much attention for my multitasking knitting style). On the other hand here it is the Summer of Socks and I’ve finished a grand total of one sock plus most of a foot since it began. Some of those crazy knitters have ten or more socks done already, not that I was ever expecting to reach those levels. (2-3 pair, maybe, for the entire summer.) Plus those socks are fun to work on (so is the shawl, actually, now I don’t have to pay quite such close attention). I’ve been dealing by working on the socks during drive time and the shawl at home, but with Rudder away I get to do the driving so no commute-knitting.

If there’s anything stupider than feeling guilty or torn about what’s supposed to be a fun hobby …. oh, wait. Actually I can think of several examples of stupider things, many of which are even funded by tax dollars. Nonetheless, it’s pretty stupid.