riding in the rain

Oops, I think I goofed a little. I finally rode my bike to work today. I checked weather.com and buienradar.nl, even.

They lied. I picked the wrong day. It looks downright wet out there, dammit. At least it’s not too cold and I did bring a water-resistent jacket. I could take the bus home and just try to load my bike into the car tomorrow, but I think I’ll just bull through it and ride anyway. This would be a little more pleasant if I weren’t wearing a skirt. One thing sure: this being the Netherlands, rain or no rain I’ll have some company on the bike path. And if it’s really awful I can always pull out the rain pants and plastic poncho from my bike bag. Come to think of it, maybe the pants aren’t a bad idea – then again, if it’s warm out, they might get just as wet inside from sweat. Blah.

I’m also not so sure about the next socks. I cast on last night to have a travel project ready – I have to go pick up my driver’s licence today and might have to wait a little while. These will be men’s socks, in Regia Line Effects, and I decided to try DPNs fora change instead of two circs as usual. Two problems: first, I’d forgotten when I bought this yarn that I don’t really like Regia all that much. It’s a little scratchy, and it splits a little, which is a particular problem here since the yarn is a dark navy and it’s difficult to see individual stitches. Also, the last socks I made for Rudder were in the same yarn and he doesn’t seem to wear them often. I’ll have to ask if he wants these, or if I should make them for someone else. Second, the DPNs. I bought these Friday on my trip to the LYS. I just guessed at a size (since they were given only in Euro sizes) and guessed well; these are 2.5 mm, which is between size 1 and size 2, both of which I have in circs. So I’m prepared, if that 0.25 millimeter ever actually makes any difference. But man, casting on and doing the first few rows (using this pattern) was such a pain in the neck with the DPNs! Picking up the stitches was difficult, and it was hard to see well enough to find the thread for the first couple of M1’s, and it was unexpectedly difficult to tell which needle was next for the first row or two. It seems to be a little easier now 3-4 rows in, though I’m still gaining experience on how to hold all of the needles I’m not working with out of the way. It should be less frustrating as I go on; if not I’ll frog it all and go back to circs.

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