assorted random thoughts

Yesterday’s ride home: wet.
Moving to Netherlands paperwork: Officially DONE! I picked up my Dutch driver’s license yesterday.
Moving to Taiwan paperwork: We have our first meeting Friday.
Looking forward to: rowing tonight, getting Rudder back tomorrow.
Wishing: that more Taiwan flats for rent were online. Maybe they’re there but in Chinese – I just wish I could start looking at some! It looks like we may be able to get a 3BR/2Ba, as opposed to the 2/1.5 we have here.
Thinking: It might be nice to get an unfurnished place and buy our own furniture. Mostly, I just want to be able to pick out my own bed – I’m getting very sick of our current mushy waterbed. I don’t think it would be too horribly expensive if we stick with IKEA-level stuff, with maybe a nicer sofa because ours back in storage is crap.

Random book-related comments:

  • I don’t know what L.M. Montgomery was thinking when she wrote the Pat of Silver Bush series. I’ve written before about Pat’s bizarre attachment to her house and the crippling neuroses that leave her completely inable to deal with any change whatsoever, but it’s even in the little things. I know perceptions of color change over time but how can an author think that her pale, brown-eyed, brown-haired heroine looks washed out in green and “like a dancing buttercup” in yellow? I fit that description myself and while I can wear any green from forest to neon, yellow makes me look like like I have jaundice.
  • Speaking of color perceptions, I was reading Oliver Sacks’ Island of the Colorblind last week while waiting for HP7, and was honestly relieved when he wrote that a coloblind scientist had asked him whether he perceived indigo as a separate stripe in the rainbow, noting that for many people it’s just an intermediary shade between blue and violet. I’m one of those people and used to be baffled by indigo’s inclusion as a separate color. As I got older I read about how people’s color perception can vary by individual or color – for instance, orange has not always been perceived as a separate color – but never thought to apply this to indigo.
  • A few more Deathly Hallows comments below the cut:

  • I am totally convinced Ron and Hermione were sleeping together in Grimmauld Place in Deathly Hallows. However, whether that phrase ought to be taken literally or as its usual implication, I do not know.
  • On this rereading, I’m pleased to notice that JKR answered a couple of questions I’d thought she missed – like why H/R/H don’t summon Kreacher to cook for them or carry messages while they’re camping out.
  • I can’t really imagine Harry or Ron becoming Aurors after HP7, though I have no idea what else they’d be. I can imagine Hermione taking SPEW farther, hopefully rechristening it with a better name like The Dobby Society or The Free Elf Foundation. Or the Civil Rights movement.
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4 Responses to assorted random thoughts

  1. Natalie says:

    Well, judging from the pictures you’ve posted, your complexion has yellow undertones; if the heroine in question’s complexion had pink undertones, she’d look just fine in yellow, but possibly like ass in green–green tends to be a good color for most people, though, while yellow does depend greatly on complexion.

  2. l'empress says:

    I’m ignoring all your HP comments until I finish reading; I’m atually reading a normal sized print, but very slowly.

    Re colorblindness: You have to live with a colorblind person to begin to understand what they see/don’t see. Not to mention their attempts to identify what they think *you* see.

    My dad was red/green colorblind. Pure green is white, but olive green is orange. We’d show him light blue, and he’d say pink. When it came time for him to do color-sensitive diabetes testing, he’d do the preliminaries (’cause he loved feeling like a chemist), but then he’d yell for a color expert.

  3. Mris says:

    I am a different kind of brown-haired, brown-eyed pale than you are, and while I can’t wear every single green, there is one exact shade of yellow I can wear, and all others are Eville.

  4. Jessie says:

    When I was learning Russian I was delighted to find that there was no word for pink (and why should there be?) but completely different words for light and dark blue.

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