going the distance

Yay! Rudder’s home! The flipside of that is that I biked into work again today, because he has the day off and needed to take the car to Amsterdam to pick up his new oars. He offered to drive me in if I reallyreally wanted him to, but given that I didn’t drive him to Amsterdam or pick him up from there this trip (he took the train instead; I did walk him to the station) it didn’t seem fair to ask.

Anyway, by the time I ride home and to and from rowing this evening, I’ll have put in about nearly 60 km on the bike this week. The only problem with that is that I can’t log it at Concept II. As I’ve been ramping my distance it’s been fun seeing my name move up the list among the Outlaws. However, if everything goes as planned and I don’t see why it wouldn’t, after tonight I’ll have put in 35-ish km rowing this week as well as the 55-60 mk cycling. (Those are estimates – I don’t have a computer on this bike. I do know the distance rowed, just not exactly how far I’ll make it tonight.)

You’d think I’d have a better-looking body after all this, or at least less of a potbelly. On the other hand self-evidently I have a body that can not only handle the rowing distance that I train for but that can deal with having all that extra distance on the bike thrown in. Can’t complain, really. After all, as an engineer I always have to value function over appearance.

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  1. Denver doug says:

    Heh, I must live with the body I have and push it ahead full steam. Although the boiler pressure has waned, I still enjoy every second I breathe.

    Salute to you Milady.

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