tiny changes

We ended up driving from home to rowing yesterday – I’d forgotten that Rudder would need to transport his new oars, which might be a bit tricky on a bike. I did row a full 12.5 km though, so by the end of yesterday I had done 55 km cycling and about 37 km rowing for the week. I can actually see a change in my body though it’s also possible I’m just getting rid of some water weight. These are tiny differences, probably not visible to anyone else, but in getting more active after the past month or so when we traveled and exercised very little, I can see a thin obscuring layer recede, beginning from the extremities. yesterday when I happened to cross my arms in a mirrored elevator, I looked like Popeye in a dress. Not exactly fetching, but satisfying. We’ll see if I stay dedicated enough to see the change get to the more central parts of my body.

If I am a good girl, I’ll do some lifting tonight while Rudder is out rowing again. We’ll see.Then I can have tomorrow as a day of rest. (Shabbat, how traditional. Especially if I get my workout in before sunset tonight.) I hope to spend it much as I did last week, knitting and rereading HP7, but I have a few errands (like returning the spare copy of HP7) and Rudder will probably want to be amused.

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