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not quite sure how that happened…

Hm. What I said yesterday about the unlikeliness of a sudden spur in sock-knitting productivity? Apparently all it takes is a day with not much else to do. Aside from a short (10 km) bike ride I mostly just knitted, … Continue reading

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the last time I’ll do this (spoilers under cut)

Below the cut, my notes and immediate thoughts on HP7. I’ll separate them into logic issues and general comments.

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Done (no spoilers)

Just under twelve hours after picking the book up, done. (there were a few short breaks). I will be rereading it immediately, I think, though I may skip a bit; this one felt like a thorough read-though rather than a … Continue reading

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One thing I love about the blogosphere is that I unfailingly get alerted to or reminded of the things I need to know or remember. Specifically, this photo was taken on December 24, 1968. I was a year and a … Continue reading

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a little out of hand

I wrote most of this as a comment elsewhere, but I think it deserves its own post. It seems to me the HP-spoiler thing is getting a little out of hand. Leaky Cauldron’s now got a letter-writing campaign to the … Continue reading

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stockpiling memories

There really wasn’t much of a middle, it seems to me. There was the beginning, whose end was difficult to determine since we still have so much to see and learn here, and now we’re into the beginning of the … Continue reading

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Jo-jo says…

There’s an Amnesty International office just over from our flat. The other day as I was walking by, I noticed they had a sign posted saying “Make some noise against sexism!” So as I walked past, I said out loud, … Continue reading

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woke up this morning, this was on my mind

There’s nothing like setting the tone for the day by realizing what an idiot you are first thing in the morning. I was going to bike into work today – the weather is perfect for it, it’s my off day … Continue reading

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poised on the horns

Currently the major dilemmas in my life are all minor – well, there’s a big job decision, but I think either option would be OK. Harry Potter – to be spoiled or not? I’ve read several of the spoilers out … Continue reading

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alleged HP7 spoiler debunked (NO SPOILERS herein)

I’d heard there’s a supposed Book 7 spoiler out, so I peeked. I’d have to say I don’t believe it due to the internal evidence – that is, the alleged spoiler is far to lame to be anything JKR could … Continue reading

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