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Note to blogroll-ees: I just edited my blogroll. In addition to deleting a couple that are moribund, I’ve also removed the Diaryland and LJ ones. If you’re one of those, it’s not that I don’t love you any more; it’s that I read posts on those sites via my friendslists. I use my blogroll here more as links for me to read than as recommendations for other people, and it was getting a bit unwieldy. Also, there were people on those flists I do read every day who weren’t listed here, and that felt wrong as well, when others were listed.

Note to other people: Go read these guys too.

In other news, Rudder and I got our shots for Taiwan Tuesday morning. My arms have been sore ever since. The right arm (Hep A / Hep B) is just about better now, but the left one still hurts. We made the mistake of working out Wednesday – he rowed, I lifted. Not a good idea; not only were we both even more sore afterward, but where my arms had only hurt on top in the muscle if I raised them before the workout, afterward I also had pain somewhere in my armpits, especially if I squeeze my arms to my body. Lymph nodes, I presume. Rudder erged again yesterday and didn’t mention any additional pain. We have plans for tonight, so I’ll probably wait one more day and then row or erg tomorrow morning.

Tonight’s plans also should be interesting; we’re going to go hang out and talk with a woman I row with and her husband, who spend a couple of years in Taiwan to hear about their experience there, Should be educational. Also on the Taiwan front, Dutch paperwork may be legendary, but the paperwork to move to Taiwan is looking just as bad.

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