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First: I got my Ravelry invitation over the weekend. I’m dichroic over there, too. I haven’t figured out any great shining wonders of the site, except that it does seem to be an easy way to log projects.

Since I posted here when I got screwed over by my bank over my investment account, it seems only fair to note that I got superlative service from them last night on my credit-card account. (Yes, still the same bank – I didn’t originally have all my accounts with them, but there have been mergers.) Apparently I’ve lost my US credit card. This isn’t a scary “someone’s spending my money” sort of loss, just an annoying “it’s probably in the house somewhere but damned if I can find it” sort of loss – and I last used it in Prague, so I had to assume the worst and get a new one issued. I was fairly sure they weren’t going to do the useful thing and send it to where I am instead of to the US address I had to give for the card (a relative’s address; apparently you need a US address to have a US credit card, don’t ask me why). They surprised me though; even though I lost the phone connection in the middle of hashing all this out, and when I got back on it turned out the guy had already ordered a card sent to the US address, they’re going to send a duplicate one directly to me. Yay! For anyone worried about security, my current Netherlands address is listed on other accounts I have with them – that’s allowed for some reason – so they know it really is my own address. The other useful point is that they were able to enter my Dutch phone number as an alternate, so I can call from here to activate the card. That part was really a problem when Rudder’s card expired and they sent a new one.

By the way, I owe everyone an apology. It’s a standing joke in my house that whenever I buy a stock it promptly plummets. That’s one reason I hadn’t bought any in a long while. But recently I had some money I needed to invest, and I, uh, I bought some S&P 500 index stocks. Sorry, everyone.

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