…on empty

Running, running, running. I’ve been working on paperwork for the Taiwan move (and for the record, including a prepaid return envelope is much more difficult when a) you need it to be returned from the US to Europe) and b) there are documents too important to be trusted to regular mail), on getting work out of the way before our holiday in Scandinavia, and on getting ready for the holiday itself, not to mentin the next trip at the end of September. Add in some planning for fall regattas (crap, I still have to send an email about that!) and some major things at work coming due right now, and you have an explanation for the silence of the last few days.

I think this will be a calm weekend, though I may be overly optimistic. Rudder beat the typhoon out of Taiwan (he just called from Bangkok) and my only plans for tomorrow are to snack up on food for our trip and to visit a local jewelry and bead fair. If I’m lucky they’ll have actual silver. I’m thinking of riding my bike there, because then if the fair sucks at least I’ll get the bike ride and it will allow me to jusitfy not erging tomorrow. I should go lift tonight though, which sounded much better when I was thinking about it before this long busy day. Maybe I’ll take myself out to dinner, digest a while, then lift last thing before bed. I can’t row after too much food, but lifting is less of a problem. Dichroic out!

P.S. I got my copy of Favorite Socks yesterday. This is doubly exciting because the package was small enough to fit in the mailbox so I didn’t have to deal with waiting for a second “sorry you weren’t home” slip and a trip to the post office. The socks in it are pretty exciting all by themselves, though.

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