a new technique

This necklace is a new technique for me; I think it worked pretty well. I always like necklaces that look like vines growing. These delicate clay roses (both cabbage-type and antique roes) ccame from a store we stumbled on in Delft last fall; when I saw some twisted-wire necklaces in Rome (I think it was Rome) I knew how I wanted to use them. I finally got the green wire today at the bead fair, as well as the clasp (just base metal – not much silver there, sigh). Everything else is from Beads of the Month. I don’t think I will give this away, because it crumples easily and will need to be arranged for every wearing – in fact you ca see it’s a bit uneven here, though that’s easily fixable. It’s just because the side I did first got pinched together a little while I was finishing the necklace. On me, and on different backgrounds to show the colors.

These are for giving away. That pendant is a gorgeous piece of stone – you can nearly feel the water running over it (though I know it was more likely shaped in a tumbler!) and so I wanted to add the minimum possible wire to hang it.

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4 Responses to a new technique

  1. Wow! That necklace is really beautiful.

  2. Mechaieh says:

    Nifty necklace! I instantly thought _Midsummer’s Night Dream_ when I saw it.

  3. Mary Ann says:

    I like that necklace.

  4. Jenn says:

    I think the necklace is absolutely beautiful. Big hug.-J

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