longer’s not always better

Rudder’s home, yay! Now we have a couple of days to rest up before heading off for a drive around Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Today I am off to a jewelry and beading fair, where I have hopes of being able to score some silver wire and findings. And if not at least I’lll get in a bike ride to a new area (it’s only about 6km each way).

On the knitting front, I’ve turned the heel on the navy socks for Rudder. Yesterday I realized that the reason these DPNs are being such a pain is probably because they’re too long. I got the longest ones I could find so I’d be less likely to have one slip out, not realizing that that would mean they’d be more likely to get in each other’s way. Now I know why DPNs come in different lengths. Well, I wanted to knit these with DPNs instead of circs for the experience. Unfortunately I probably won’t have a chance to get a shorter pair. (Hmmmm…. Rudder’s going to work later today, and the knitting store’s right near there. I wonder if he would take on a commission?

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  1. LA says:

    Hey, when you’re in the north remember I walk with you and am totally grooving on being short. My 5’11’ is nothing in Sweden. Thanks for the wise words on this subject, btw. I got the giggles over how right you were about the polar opposite thing. Mick is definitely the Hardy to Mike’s Laurel. And for the record (you might not want to share this with Rudder lest he get biggety) your guy IS smoking hot, he’s just very clean cut. If you scruffy him up a bit…uf dah. ~LA the fuzz fan.

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