I got ramblin’ on my mind

We spent today at Legoland – the original one in Billund, Denmark. We’ve also been in Oslo, Norway; Copenhagen, Denmark; old seaside resort towns in Germany and Denmark. We’ve eaten actual hamburgers (nearly American-style) and ale instead of lager, and have seen glorious mountains and oceans and fjords. We’ve also been juggling currencies (Denmark, Sweden and Norway all use kroners – three different implementations of them – instead of euros, even though Denmark and Sweden are both EU members) and have undoubtedly spent too much. It’s hard to keep track with all the currencies, but our travel fund was doing pretty well anyway.

Afer we get home I have three weeks of busy-ness including a week of welcome guests, then we’re off on another trip along the Alps.

I’ll have a real entry after we get back, but I just wanted to say that I love my life, at least this year of it. I’ll be sorry when our Europe time ends.

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