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finally, finished

First, the big news: a couple of readers mayremember that lace shawl I began waaaay back before we left Arizona. It lagged in the WIP ottoman for a while, then I picked it up again a couple of months ago. … Continue reading

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the inverse of the excluded middle

I’m beginning to understand why, so often, a writer’s first book makes a big splash while later books seem to trail off a litte. It’s because in that first book, a storyteller tells you the best story that’s in her … Continue reading

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I’m your huckleberry … or at least, we’re related.

OK, not quite related. Co-alumni. We’re back, having trailed through the Beajolais region of France, Switzerland end to end, the Tyrol section of Austria, bit of Bavaria and the Saarland, and Luxembourg. I’ve written a little about it on the … Continue reading

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bless Capt. von Trapp’s homeland for ever

In one of the essays collected in Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader, Anne Fadiman writes abou the pleasure of reading a book in its perfect setting: John Wesley Powell’s memoirs while camping during a rafting trip through the … Continue reading

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I’m in f’in Switzerland!

When She-Hulk and her friend L visited us and we all went to Paris for a weekend, our tagline became, “I’m in fuckin’ Paris!” I mean, it is a bit mind-blowing for a girl from Northeast Philadelphia (or one from … Continue reading

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a little tired, or maybe a little numb

It’s a good thing endings and beginnings tend to be so mixed up or life would be unbearably sad. Tomorrow we will begin a week-long driving trip that is probably our last big tourist trip while living in Europe. We’ll … Continue reading

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getting stranded

Yesterday continued to get more hectic after I posted. When I spoke to Rudder again there seemed to be no prospects for his getting home anytime soon; there were buses coming to take the people who had been stramded by … Continue reading

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more move trauma

I’m stuck at work at the moment; can’t go home because I can’t get in the house because Rudder’s got my house key. He went to Amsterdam with his parents today; they’re staying tonight (but have his key for when … Continue reading

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rough-hewn ends

During the long drive Sunday, I finally finished the damned navy socks for Rudder. It’s official now: I Do Not Like Regia. Not only is it much rougher than Lorna’s laces and some of the other yarns I’ve used, but … Continue reading

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the in-laws get a tattoo

I was thinking about declaring a casual-Dichroic-Friday and wearing jeans in tomorrow (some people in this company wear them every day, some wear suits every day, business-casual seems to be about right for my rold an most people don’t seem … Continue reading

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