I was thinking about declaring a casual-Dichroic-Friday and wearing jeans in tomorrow (some people in this company wear them every day, some wear suits every day, business-casual seems to be about right for my rold an most people don’t seem to dress any differently on Fridays) until I realized something. I don’t *have* to dress for work tomorrow. We have the day Off. I can wear anything I like (assuming what I like covers me decently and is appropriate for the temperature; since I don’t particularly like freezing, boiling, felling far out of place or being arrested for indecent exposure (if the Dutch even do that), “anything I like” is accurate).

The downside of this is that we have to get up at an obscene hour (OK, at an Arizona rowing hour, but our normal wakeup here is much later) to drive to Amsterdam and pick Rudder’s parents up at the airport. I should clarify: it’s the early wake-up that’s the downside, not the in-laws part. I expect to enjoy their visit thoroughly, as I generally do. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re bringing me a new credit card – supposedly my US card company sent one to them and a duplicate one here, a few weeks ago. Probably the duplicate one will arrive after they do, sigh.

They appear to have timed their visit here remarkably well; my father-in-law is a WWII history buff (something I didn’t actually know until they started planning this trip). After their week here, we’ll drop them off in Paris where they’ll meet with a group and go on a WWI-sites tour around Europe. It turns out that next Tuesday is Eindhoven Liberation Day; there will be a parade and a military tattoo commemorating when Eindhoven was freed from the Nazis, and everyone will be very fond of Americans for a day or so (not that they’re mean to us normally or anything). The main events will all happen in front of City Hall, not a block from our flat. Good timing, eh?

On the yarn front (as opposed to the Western Front) yesterday I finished the border along one side of my shawl. The top is done so now there’s just the other side and the blocking. I am really hoping that process is as magical as advertised – and that the mistakes don’t show too badly. Meanwhile, I have only maybe 4″ or less to finish the second sock for Rudder. It seems like I’ve been working on these two things for a very long time. (True. I started the shawl a year ago, but let it languish for a while, as I worked on other stuff.) After this I need to figure out what presents I’m knitting this year; I’m thinking handwarmers for mom and socks for my uncle, at least. It will be very nice to work on something else finally.