During the long drive Sunday, I finally finished the damned navy socks for Rudder. It’s official now: I Do Not Like Regia. Not only is it much rougher than Lorna’s laces and some of the other yarns I’ve used, but right in the first quarter of the bind-off row (right at the freaking bind-off row!!) there was a break where the yarn was knotted together. It couldn’t have come at a worse time. I tried unraveling one row (after all, socks are of arbitrary height anyway), but binding off loosely uses so much more yarn than regular knitting that I arrived right back at that damned knot before I finished. I didn’t want them too much shorter so instead I broke the yarn earlier (well, technically, I didn’t have scissors with me so I left a long loop containing the knot hanging), knitted a row, then bound off. As a result I’ll have two extra ends to weave in right at the top of the ribbed leg. Have I ever mentioned that I’m not crazy about weaving ends into ribbing?


Pictures someday when the annoyance wears off.

I started the next pair the night before, since I was so close to the finish of these. These will be a Chanukah gift. Back to my good old circular needles, gorgeous soft Rowan Cashsoft yarn that’s a blend of merino, microfibre and cashmere, and this pattern that’s just tricky enough to lend interest but has all the knit and purl sections corralled together so I’m not switching from knit to purl every stitch (except at the cuff, and that always goes quickly).