a little tired, or maybe a little numb

It’s a good thing endings and beginnings tend to be so mixed up or life would be unbearably sad.

Tomorrow we will begin a week-long driving trip that is probably our last big tourist trip while living in Europe. We’ll drop off Rudder’s parents in Paris; I have no idea when we’ll see any family next. (Of course, our family members can ALWAYS CHOOSE to come visit. Ahem.) When we get back from that I will start my new job and we will give the cat who’s been with us for 16 years to his new people. The week after that we go off to Taiwan a country I’ve never been to, to find an apartment we like enough to spend the next two years in. In the beginning of November we’ll move there, or at least our stuff will – we’ll probably be back a forth a lot for the first month (months, in Rudder’s case). Once there, we’ll be adjusting to new timezone new food new people new language new cultures new store hours and mostly, new everything that’s supposed to be obvious because it’s what everyone else has always been used to.

I suggested to Rudder that we blow off the driving trip and just spend the next week sleeping instead, but I don’t think he thought I was serious.

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  1. Best of luck on your new adventure!

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