When She-Hulk and her friend L visited us and we all went to Paris for a weekend, our tagline became, “I’m in fuckin’ Paris!” I mean, it is a bit mind-blowing for a girl from Northeast Philadelphia (or one from Minnesota, apparently). (It was even more mind-blowing my first ime in Paris when I crashed in the apartment of someone I’d known since 5th grade, who was living there at the time, but that’s another tale).

Anyway, at the moment, I’m in fuckin’ Switzerland – sitting in a fancy hotel looking out on Lake Lucerne where the World Rowing Cup is held. For one brief moment it was even more exciting, when I read on the hotel’s web page that they listed rowing among the leisure opportunities at the hotel. Turned out to be a mistake somehow, but a very fine dinner here followed by dark chocolate mousse has managed to dull the pangs of disappointment a bit. Meanwhile, there’s this big Swiss LAKE outside my window. With big Swiss mountains across it. I think tonight’s plans insclude sleeping with the drapes open so dawn wakes up for photo ops.