OK, not quite related. Co-alumni.

We’re back, having trailed through the Beajolais region of France, Switzerland end to end, the Tyrol section of Austria, bit of Bavaria and the Saarland, and Luxembourg. I’ve written a little about it on the travel site and there will probably be photos up there tomorrow.

One of the books I took with me on the trail was Emma Bull’s Tombstone. Excellent, though it’s a bit of a turnabout seeing Wyatt Earp in such unsympathetic light. She resents a likable Doc Holliday, though, and mentions his drinking with his Philadelphia college friends. Well, where would a Georgia boy with money go to college in Philadelphia ten year after the Civil War? That’s what I thought too. I wasn’t entirely right. He went to the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery, not the University of Pennsylvania – but it merged with Penn in 1909. So Doc Holliday went to my alma mater, sort of.