First, the big news: a couple of readers mayremember that lace shawl I began waaaay back before we left Arizona. It lagged in the WIP ottoman for a while, then I picked it up again a couple of months ago. I’ve worked on it only at home and at a couple of SnBs when I was feeling brave, but not in the car and not on trips because it requires close attention. And here it is, blocking, finally, my very first lace shawl.
I’m very proud, though it occurs to me that other women make entire new people in less time than this shawl has taken. Still, those are more portable projects.

Incidentally, if any experienced knitters are reading this, how the hell do you weave in the ends in lace???

And some other stuff. Here are the somewhat irritating Regia socks – not crazy about the yarn or the DPNs I used to knit these, and quite unhappy with the KNOT I came to on the bind off row of the second sock. That would be why I still haven’t woven in the ends on these yet. Still, they look OK.

And finally, the first of the Diamond Waffle socks, in lovely soft Rowan Cashsoft. It looks a bit bulky in the picture because I’m wearing the sock over a fleece sock – it’s for bigger feet than mine. I really love this pattern; neither the cast-on nor the heel nor the bind-off is like anything I’ve done before, and the pattern is just interesting enough without being too taxing for car knitting. The elastic bind-off recommended turns out not to be quite stretchy enough, though, so I need to take it out and redo it more loosely.