reporting from over the border

I am in Belgium at the moment, though still not convinced I really need to be here. At least it looks like we’ll get to come home early enough on Friday for me to tend to errands. I can report, however, that Leuven (Louvain to Francophones; it’s Flemish speaking but only 20 km from French-speaking Brussels) has a center market square that is absolutely mindbogglingly gorgeous. I did bring a small camera and hope that we will get out early enough today for me to take a couple of photos. Also, the coworker I’ve traveled here with is Taiwanese, so I’ve been able to ask him a lot of questions about moving there. His English is so-so (Possibly a hearing problem; he’s lived in Canada for 6 years and went to grad school there, but his vocaulary and understanding seem less than I’d expect from that. Supporting evidence is a slight speech defect.) but he’s been very patient with me.

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