the good, the bad, and the spendy

The good news is I get to go home tomorrow night instead of staying here until Friday. The bad news is Rudder sounded a bit unready for me to be back when I told him about it, which means his packing up (in his usual inimitably anal way of being convinced that whatever long-winded way he’s decided to do it is absolutely necessary) has left the whole place stewn with boxes. Wouldn’t bother me much but we’re having his rowing partner over for dinner Saturday, complete with his wife and two-year-old. The parents understand the whole concept of “moving soon, place is a mess” but I’m worried about attractive hazards for the little girl.

The other bad news is I found out yesterday a close relative’s illness is much more serious than I’d hoped, and much farther along. The good news, if you can call it that, is that the prognosis is several years, not several months as I first feared when I heard the news. We’ll be back in the US by then if needed.

Not that it’s any help with that second problem above, but I am consoling myself through the rigors of this move by having decided that soon after we arrive in Taipei, I am going to take the equivalent of $100 US or maybe more, go to the bookstore in Taipei 101 which is not only incredibly large but incredibly well-stocked and spend it all. (Seriously, whoever the buyers there are, they need to be commended. Travel writing. Books about tiny bits of history. Children’s authors I never could find in the US. Whee!)

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  1. LA says:

    I’m sorry to hear of your relative’s illness.

    Book shopping, however, sounds heavenly! ~LA

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