chili for Nederlanders

Today’s schedule was:
10AM Me to drugstore and post office. (Didn’t work; I didn’t leave until a bit later and had forgotten the drugstore is closed on Saturdays, damnit. I’m nostalgic about it anyway becayse this is possibly the last time I’ll be inconvenienced by European shopping hours. Stopped in the mall to check out computer sleeves, and on the way back picked up a couple nice hair ornaments.)
11AM Rudder to rowing, me to start the chili (which I did later because of the above, but it should still have plenty of time. )
Somewhere in the middle: to the ANWB (like AAA) to get international driver’s licenses, to the bank to change our addresses, maybe to the chocolatier to get dessert. Make salad either before or after errand.
4PM Me to rowing, rush home and shower veryveryfast
6:30 PM: Rudder’s rowing partner and his wife arrive for dinner

Actually it’s only that last part that gets a little over busy. However, since they’re rowers, they’ll understand, and this is almost definitely my last time out with the quad. I might take a single out tomorrow.

And in the interstices of the day, pack, pack, pack.

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  1. LA says:

    I think it’s great you’ve made good friends and met up with other rowers. I’m sure you’ll find them in Taipai too, somehow, somewhere.

    And go you for having a dinner party on your way out the door! My goodness, I couldn’t handle company on the eve of a move across the world!

    Good luck with it all. ~LA

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