can’t sleep, fretting

Argh. Can’t sleep, which I guess is not so surprising. The movers have packed most of our stuff; they’ll finish tomorrow (today, I guess) then load it into the container Wednesday. We’re sleeping under our own comforter and on our own pillows tonight, but the covers have been stripped from both and stacked on the to-go pile. In the morning (well, later in the morning) I’ll load the comforter and pillow themselves onto the stack. I’ll also make the last bit of popcorn, empty it into a plastic bag for later, wash the popcorn popper and put it on the stack too. (We missed it yesterday.)

From tomorrow night on we’ll be in a hotel; for the next three weeks until our 60 kilos of air freight are delivered we’ll be living out of a suitcase. One suitcase each, this time; due to different airline baggage rules when traveling from Europe instead of he US we only get one instead of the two suitcases we each got to bring when we moved here. Once we get to Taipei, this can be supplemented by shopping; because Dutch prices are so much more expensive, we’ve been putting off refurbishing our wardrobes until Taiwan. (Replacing worn work trousers, things like that.) As Rudder says, we know we’ll be opening lots and lots of boxes for Christmas this year.

Rudder has done his usual over-elaborate anal-retentive thing of course, going to lots of extra work to move everything that’s going into several areas in the name of making things easier and more obvious for the movers. So far we’ve had to delve into their boxes to rescue one lamp and a bunch of hangers that stay here. I still suspect not packing anything in advance but giving them closer instructions would work at least as well. Then again, I did tell them about the hangers in advance. He’s also got plans for this morning that involve me watching them load the stuff in our storage unit while simultaneously I go to the boathouse to meet someone who will help bring his boat back here where it will sit in the apartment lobby until it’s loaded tomorrow. This strikes me as a very bad idea, but he keeps thinking it will be fine there and it’s his boat, and anyway the guy’s not available to help tomorrow morning.

Pardon any lack of coherence 9more than usual, I mean); I don’t often post insomnia entries at 3AM.

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