Dramatic last minute knitting; also, rational reproductive care

I’ve just finished fingerless gloves for my mom (Knitty’s Fetching pattern) – with the movers in the house, and of course they packed my yarn stash first thing so the needles it was on had to go in a suitcase. And I finished it with about 8″ of yarn left over, literally, so it was a dramatic hair-raising dash to the finish given that if I’d run out I’d have had to figure out how to get Debbie Bliss yarn in Taiwan. There’s not time to order it here. Whew.

Her birthday’s actually not until December but if I finish them now I can ship them off (with a Do Not Open Until note) instead of having to take them in my suitcase or air freight box and then figure out how to ship from Taiwan (where the odds are good that there are fewer English-speakers working in the post office). Now if I can finish the socks for my uncle (3 rows of pattern and the ribbing at the top to go) by Wednesday, I can ship both at once.

I’ve been to the pharmacy this morning already. I hadn’t realized until now that birth control pills are not prescription drugs here. That is, you need a scrip the first time, but not thereafter. On the downside, since they’re not prescription drugs insurance doesn’t cover them – but at 30 euros for a year’s supply who cares? On the other hand, I got a notice from the local health department recently – apparently all women 30-60 are required to get a Pap from their own doctors every five years (free of charge). I don’t know what the rules are for younger and older women; I’d guess a different frequency. The only thing I don’t like about the system (I think it would make most Americans uneasy) is the part whrere they report the results to the government. It does make sense in the context of a national health system, though.

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2 Responses to Dramatic last minute knitting; also, rational reproductive care

  1. LA says:

    Don’t kid yourself, our private info goes to the government anyhow. ~LA (who is a total grump this a.m.)

  2. yvonnep says:

    the results go only in general to the government, like:
    20% of the women had….
    75 % of the women had…
    5 %

    Not : your name’s pap result was 🙂

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