shipping everything off and saying goodbye

I finished the socks yesterday, then decided to take risky step of washing them (just wetting, really, I didn’t use soap). I did this because they tended to bunch up a lot and didn’t look nearly as good as when worn. Fortunately they are dry now, aided and abetted by sitting on the heater. They still bunch a little but now you can see the design. The Rowan cashsoft yarn is very soft and floppy; I do hope the socks stay up. I probably should have used smaller needles to make a denser fabric. After some thought, I will send the fingerless gloves to my mom with a note not to open until her birthday, but will not put a Wait Until Chanukah note on the socks for my uncle. I think he could probably do with an unexpected present about now (this being the uncle with the recent cancer diagnosis). Instead I will putting in a note declaring that these are Traveler’s Socks, having been worked on in the Netherlands, Taiwan, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, and Luxembourg, with a hope that they will keep his feet warm in his apartment during chemo and someday as he travels the world again.

This is our last day in this apartment; tonight we’ll sleep in a hotel. I’m a bit glad to leave, actually; it’s not as homey with our own sheets, pillows and lamps gone. The living room especially is annoyingly dark with our halogen lamp packed up. Right now the movers are loading boxes through the window, down into the moving container. It’s been a great place to live during our year here, though, and I’ll miss it.

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3 Responses to shipping everything off and saying goodbye

  1. Bex says:

    Good luck to you on your next phase of living…

  2. LA says:

    Good bye Centrum! Good bye slow but friendly and nice Dutch restaurants. Good bye to all the wonderful adventures you shared with us from there. Hello to the next adventure! Travel safe and we’ll catch you on the flipside…of the world! ~LA

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