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on the gerbil wheel

Last week: Taipei (as you will recall, we had a race Saturday then flew out that night) Yesterday and most of today: offsite workshop Thursday and Friday: Amsterdam for cultural training so we can learn not to be offensive in … Continue reading

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just too much

I know I’ve been unwontedly quiet here. International moves and job transitions will eat your brain, separately; together they heterodyne into something that is more than the sum of its parts. I’ve just spent a little time down in our … Continue reading

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lost, with much to learn

We are going to be lost here. So so lost. We can’t even get a cab without help – someone bilingual has to tell the driver where we want to go or write it for him. We’ll have a car, … Continue reading

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finally going to see

I still can’t breathe through my nose, dammit. It’s dripping less though, I think, and I feel just fine otherwise. I keep reminding myself that I breath through my mouth during races anyway – and I’m packing Sudafed for the … Continue reading

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correction and updates

I am an idiot. Emma Bull’s new book is called Territory, not Tombstone – I’ve corrected it in my earlier entry, but I suspect I’ve been referring to it by the wrong name all over the place. Sigh. The good … Continue reading

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among strangers

I haven’t posted a poem in a while. The following was written a month or two ago for a science fiction poetry competition; since that’s over and it didn’t win or place, I’m posting it here. As may be obvious, … Continue reading

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a cat with paraphernalia

I feel a bit crappy today; however, I am NOT coming down with a cold. I think the weather has gotten a bit colder and wather changes do seem to bring on allergies for me. Also, the two half-carafes of … Continue reading

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Last night I finally figured out what that occasional pain in my foot is, when I noticed it had sprouted a bump, right at the base of my big toe. Apparently I have a bunion. This is good in that … Continue reading

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