Thanksgiving dinner will be better than last year’s, at least. We found a little turkey at Costco last week, and after much searching came across some canned green beans in Carrefour yesterday (they do have an “International section” but it’s small. I’d trade it for baking section, though. We’ll have a salad, and some kind of potatoes; possibly a recipe I got from my brother in which you thinly slice whole potatoes most (but not all) of the way through, pour over melted butter and herbs, and sprinkle grated cheese on top. Desset will be a cheesecake from the freezer section. The local markets don’t seem to have a baking section with things like baking chocolate or nuts, so my chocolate torte is out. I did see small bags of flour. I could make an applecake if I could find vanilla extract, but Rudder isn’t crazy about those. We also got some grapes, and will pick up some French bread that day. Not too bad for holiday dinner for two. Assuming I can fit both the potatoes and the turkey into our little oven!

Oh, well, if not it will be microwave-baked potatoes or something like mashed that I can do on a stovetop.

Meanwhile on the topic of holidays, we bought a fake tree yesterday. We prefer real ones, but the problem has been that on years when we travel for the holiday itself we don’t get to have a tree before and after our trip, for fear of fire danger. We have so many cool ornaments from our travels (especially after this past year) that I really miss getting to use them. Also, of course, it’s quite possible we wouldn’t be able to find a real tree here at all, though we’ve seen the fake ones in three places (Costco, Carrefour (one that looked like Charlie Brown’s tree!) and a home store). We got it now because I don’t trust the stores to still have them in stock closer to the holiday. We only got a 6′ tree, so probably won’t be able to use all the ornaments, but we can use most of them, possibly more than expected because the branchtips are sturdier than a real tree. At the rate we’ve been acquiring ornaments no our travels, by the time we get back we may need a second tree, anyway.