a busy place

Rudder’s off at a big management meeting that for some reason they decided to hold on Saturday, but I have a houseful of men at the moment – the handyman hooking up hot water to the washing machine, the cable guy (when our flat was renovated they ran cable to one spot then ran splitters to the other rooms; consequently the picture sucks), the carpenter they called out to help the cable guy run new cable, and the realtor / apartment management guy, who showed up to keep an eye on the others. I’m grateful he’s here, because his English is fairly fluent so he can tell me what’s going on.

I hope to go downtown and do some clothing shopping when they’re done, but at the moment that looks fairly far off. But at least I’ll be able to wash the clothes I have; many of my work shirts have grease spots (because that’s what happens when I eat noodles with chopsticks) and cold water doesn’t work all that well to remove them.

Tomorrow I have a work dinner of my own, moved from Monday to Sunday because the boss has to leave early Monday afternoon, which will make three evening in a row Rudder and I don’t get to eat together. That’s kind of annoying, but at least we have the turkey leftovers to make dinner alone convenient. Hopefully things will calm down at work soon – he’s already admitted he’d expected it to be a lot calmer by now.

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