Not a meme, I just felt like listing.

1. The foot problem is just a strained ligament. The doctor gave me an anti-inflammatory/painkiller anad told me not to do things that put weight on that part of my foot (e.g. high heels) until it’s better. And it will get better. And the whole thing including doctor visit, X-rays and drugs cost less than $40 US.
2. While I’m on the topic of feet, I am now liberally bedecked with Mary Jane shoes. The mall quest this weekend did not succeed in terms of clothing, but I got these in black and a taupe pair that are sort of sneaker-ish around the edges. And these arrived today from Eddie Bauer! They’re not exactly the shoes I’ve been jonesing after but nearly; the main difference between these and the Berkeley style is that the latter have a lower back so they’re slip-ons. The shipment only took a week, only cost $14 shipping, and had no customs fees so now I’m regretting not buying a few shirts while I was at it. (Also note: all the shoes are flats or nearly so, consistent with doctor’s orders. Double score!)

3. While in the mall Sunday, I saw something that would be a good gift for Rudder. I did not buy it due to about the worst senior moment I’ve had yet; it was something we’d considered buying a while ago and for the life of me I could not remember if we did (and our stuff is still in transit so I couldn’t go check). But I did ask him obliquely and now I think we didn’t, so that takes care of his birthday and now I just have to worry about Christmas and Chanukah.

4. I love the lighting in our apartment. There’s lighting bright enough for fiddly tasks in every room, but enough separate controls that it doesn’t always have to be that bright. For example, we can turn on the halogen spots over our sofa so I have enough light to read and while the rest of the room is dim for Rudder to watch TV. (Flat screen in both LR and MBR. Nice apartment.) The only bad thing about it is that there are so many switches it’s hard to remember which controls which light.

5. It’s cool enough today that I was able to wear the sweater I bought in Norway. (Two days ago, I was wearing shorts.)

6. Rudder and I were able to schedule our business trips together so we’ll both be going to the Netherlands Sunday for two weeks. I get to have winter (we’ll even be there for Sinterklaas Day!) and I don’t have to sacrifice time with Rudder to get it.

7. As always, Rudder.