Crap. I can’t see again – another migraine aura, I guess. Not as bad as the last, but it is making it hard to read or type (pls excuse typos). This is the second episode this month, after not having any for a couple of years (except a possible one last June, but I only realized that one in retrospect because it had other possible migraine symptoms but no visual aura). I had kept a log on my PDA of circumstances when they happen; only had two down before they stopped, but I’ve just started again, entering this one and the last. I’ve noticed three of the four entries were when I had a cold or Rudder did (meaning I was fighting one off). I certainly didn’t have one the first time it happened, because it was toward the end of a 7 mile hike and I wouldn’t have done that if I’d been sick. But it probabaly was a bright day (what with being in the AZ desert) and it would have been dusty (ditto). Today I definitely don’t have a cold but I’m on the second day of wearing contacts (wore them overnight I mean) and these days they seem to irritate my eyes in some odd way that makes my nose run. And of course pollution is worse here than other places I’ve lived. I haven’t gotten this any other time I’ve worn contacts or had a cold but that having irritated mucous membranes still seems to be a common theme. Too bad in a way; I was sort of hoping for a variable I could control. Maybe there’s another contributing factor I haven’t figured out yet. There could be something about neck muscles cramping, from sitting at a desk too high (that is, my ball is to low) or in a car knitting for many hours or from a backpack’s straps.

Anyway, it’s a good thing Rudder and I carpool, though by quitting time I ought to be able to see again anyway.