a matter of character

If today’s traffic is less hellish than yesterday, I think I will go to the local mall tonight, pick up dinner and see if I can find: a stuffed cat (or other animal that looks like an animal rather than being, say, pink); shrimp without the heads on in the grocery store on the bottom floor; more brownie mix (they will almost certainly not have any, but it’s worth re-checking). The brownies went over very well with my colleagues, and now that I’ve tested them against Taiwanese taste I’d like to make a batch for our apartment guard for Chinese New Year, in thanks for all he’s done for us. (I expected it would be appropriate to give him money, but the people I’ve asked said not.) I need to check the shrimp prices carefully; Costco has them without heads, but it might be cheaper to buy them with and be my own headsman. Also, I think when Rudder gets back I may try roasting a black chicken. (Only problem will be how to tell when it’s done. The meat really is ebony black.)

I had a realization yesterday; it would probably be better to make my Manos cardigan for my mother instead of for me. She’d love it. And she lives in a climate with actual winters. The minor problem with this is that she’s bigger than I am and is not here to try things on. I suppose this could be at least made easier with a quick email and a tape measure. The major problem is I want it. Preeetttyy yarn. (And right now if I had it here I’d wear it – my office gets cold. Of course, any of my other 5438 sweaters would work for that too, and a couple of them are in fact cardigans.) On the other hand, this is exactly why I didn’t give her the lace shawl I knit, even though I think it’s nice likely I’ll wear it muc either. I’m actually feeling less reluctant to hand over the shawl now it’s been on a shelf for a few months, so there are the following possibilities: 1) give her the shawl instead and console myself with the sweater. 2) Wait until the pangs fade and give her the sweater. (I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets put away and finished next winter anyway.) 3) Steel myself, give her the sweater, and remind myself I’ll feel differently after it’s been off the needles a while. The hard part is that, unlike the shawl which fits anyone, this is something I need to decide right away, before I decide when it’s big enough to separate the arms from the body. I think this might need to be one of those times I try to pretend I have some character and behave accordingly.

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  1. LA says:

    BLACK chicken? Please post pics!

    Your dilemma with the sweater is why I tend to crochet presents in lovely yarns that the recipient will adore and I wouldn’t wear in a zillion years. I made a friend an airy gorgeous scarf in a mohair/cashmere that made me itch the whole time I worked on it, but knew she could wear no prob. While any mom would adore a homemade gift from her child, don’t you think she’d enjoy some native Chinese craftwork she’d be unlikely to find in the US? I have a necktie (a guy’s but I wear them too) from mainland China that the ex-MIL bought on a train when traveling from Beijing to the Great Wall. Still one of my faves. As is the shawl from her trip to Odessa. You know me, if I can’t get to go myself, I’m delighted with others’ travels and am thrilled with stuff from ‘away’. ~LA

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