nearly had to use a wheelbarrow

I finally got a bank account today. For some odd reasons of their own, Finance picked today to hand over our past two month’s salaries. In cash. The ways of the Corporation are passing strange.

Also, the largest bill here is about equivalent to about $31 US. I practically needed a wheelbarrow. (Not really. But it came in bags, not envelopes.)

Tonight is about the halfway point of Rudder’s trip – half of the driving alone is done and tonight will be half the sleeping alone. I don’t think I’ve been sleeping any better; what I’ve been doing, actually, is to set the alarm for 7, and then work out if I get up at 6. (And if I can talk myself into getting out of bed.) I’ve been reasonably good so far; I skipped this morning but lifted weights this evening before dinner. Unfortunately even if I could sleep in this weekend I can’t; Saturday there’s a work outing for which I need to be at a train station by 7:30 and Sunday morning the maids come. The big news is that I might go to a real party Saturday night, thrown by a couple of Americans. One of them is on the newly formed Ravelry (knitting site) Taiwan group and issued a general invitation. I would most certainly go if Rudder were here, but I’ve told her that I’m not sure what time the work one will be over (well, I’m not) in case I don’t muster up the ovaries or the energy to go to the home of complete strangers all alone.

I’ve been rereading Gaudy Night. I think it’s the things he’s got in common with Lord Peter Wimsey that I appreciate most in Rudder. Unfortunately he lacks Lord Peter’s verbal facility and breadth of reading, but then he has other attributes – like a similarly astounding competence, just pointed in different directions. But this is accurate: “He’ll never make up your mind for you. You’ll have to make your own decisions. You needn’t be afraid of losing your independence; he will always force it back on you. If you ever find any kind of repose with him, it can only be the repose of very delicate balance.” I suppose that wouldn’t be a positive thing to everyone, but for some of us it’s the only way that works.

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