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What a great story. Maybe I’ll buy a copy in the US – I can leave it with my uncle and tell him the story. And maybe I’ll steal one of the banners from that page for his blog: “Me? I’m surviving cancer. What’s up with you?”

Incidentally, since someone asked how he was, I should update for anyone else who wants to know. Apparently he’s having some computer issues. Also, my mom was there over the weekend, so between those two things he hasn’t updated his blog for a bit. He’s had his first chemo treatment and is feeling fine, just very fatigued. He’ll be having a transfusion that should help with that, tomorrow. Rudder and I will be flying in on Saturday; we’ll visit for a few days, take off driving to NC and TN (we want to look at some property), then visit for a few more days before drving home. There was a brief panic yesterday that I imght have to fly straight to Europe after that, but now I think I’ll get to come home for a week first. (It would have been cool in that I’d have gotten to go around the world literally, but a bitch to arrange on such short notice so close to the Chinese New Year’s holiday.)

I think while we’re there we’ll research take-out and delivery food nearby (he lives in an increasingly trendy DC neighborhood with fantastic restaurant diversity) and maybe also make some food we can leave in his freezer, for days he’s too tired to cook after we’ve left. He’s an excellent cook, probably better than I am, but having always lived alone and not being hyperbusy I don’t think he’s ever gotten into the habit of cooking large amounts and freezing it.

While we’re in the US we’ll also be doing a driving trip on our own to look at property. We really have to do something with all this money coming in. (I know that sounds odd, but it happens when you don’t have to pay mortgage and you’re still getting your salary.) We want to buy some land to build a retirement house on, ideally in a good location for both flying and rowing and with weather cool enough for me and not too cold for Rudder. Also shopping: probably some yarn (I shouldn’t; I have an order from Jimmy Bean that will, alas, probably get here right after we leave), definitely some beads or rather findings (earwires, clasps, etc) and definitely some books. I’m happy with the local bookstores except that both have extremely pitiful fantasy and SF sections (Tolkien and maybe some Terry Brooks, not much else in English). And we’ll probably pick up some Nyquil, though there’s not much else we’d want that we can’t get here. Well, jeans that fit me, but I have too many pair now. And maybe an acre or so.

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  1. LA says:

    Good idea to have some property stateside. I’ll be tickled if you guys end up in this time zone! If you push it you can get from here to Key West in 2 days, so anywhere inbetween would be wonderful.

    Thanks for the uncle update. Please tell him I said hi. ~LA

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