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I finished the warm socks, just in time for Rudder to take to the chilly Netherlands! Here they’re on my feet, but they’re on top of another pair of thick woollen socks. (Our apartment was freezing yesterday – it doesn’t … Continue reading

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uncle update

He got to enjoy three days out of the hospital, with actual food. (And complained the whole time: the friends he stayed with didn’t serve him eggs, then when they took him home to his own apartment and was poaching … Continue reading

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here I go again

Crap *Another* shadow migraine episode, for a total of 5 recorded since the start of January 2007. I’ve been keeping track of circumstances around them and one that seems to be common is that I or Rudder have a cold … Continue reading

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this summer (well, winter) I went swimming

I don’t think swimming was good for my foot; feet twist funny ways when you’re kicking. Also, I don’t think my breaststroke is entirely laughable, though it’s not particularly fast, but my crawl is a thing of pity. When I … Continue reading

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a couple of Ferber quotes

Knitting can lead you into the weirdest connections. Just in the past few days I’ve come across recommendations for international money transfers (forum on Ravelry) and a general annoyance with people who spew snark from ivory towers at people whose … Continue reading

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driving (cars, lessons, projects)

Blah. After today I have to start driving to work; Rudder’s got an offsite seminar for a few days, then a trip out of town. It’s not horrible, but it’s not as nice as getting to knit during the drive. … Continue reading

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recounting the weekend

We finally got to go rowing here, for the first time. The high school coach lent me a very nice boat, though unfortunately it was a bit too big for me. This surprised me, since he had a few rowers … Continue reading

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back to being me

Phew. I finally feel like me again. I’m still coughing a little, still can’t run, and the foot still hurts now and then, but I can do stuff again. Yesterday before work, I erged 5km without having to stop to … Continue reading

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I never thought the man had a strong sense of logic but this is worse than usual: From AP today: “President Bush had tears in his eyes during an hour-long tour of Israel’s Holocaust memorial Friday and told Secretary of … Continue reading

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lazybones, sleeping in the sun….

Today is January 10 (which coincidentally means I am 40 and 5/6 years old. Five lazy sixths). What with the foot and the coughing and the nose-blowing and all that, I have been on the erg exactly twice this year, … Continue reading

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